We are happy to share articles and stories of how frequency-specific microcurrent (FSM) has been used to help resolve various forms of pain which can manifest as the physical, emotional, and cosmetic pain.

Ross’s Experience with FSM for His Pain with Crohn’s

I met Ross through a mutual friend. Ross is a sweet and witty 24-year-old suffering from Crohn’s since 2015. Due to Crohn’s, he was significantly underweight until he was introduced to Remicade infusions. He could finally eat more than a few bites of food and put some weight on, but he was rarely pain-free.

Our mutual friend knew about the potential benefits of FSM and how it could help Ross live an everyday life with less pain. Our session usually started with him having a 4/10 pain; after the session, he would be as low as 1/10. After a few sessions, it was time for his Remicade infusion, which dropped his pain to 0/10 pain. Therefore he did not need FSM, but we agreed to keep in touch if his pain resurfaced.

On the morning of 7/17, I got a text from Ross stating he had a horrible night and needed me to use FSM on him asap. He had been throwing up and could not even keep water down. He was in so much pain he considered calling me at 3:00 a.m. for relief. I was able to see him the next day. When I arrived at his house, he could keep Sprite down and was in 8/10 pain. After 45 minutes of applying various frequencies on Ross, he was down to a 3.5/10.

Since hydration plays a huge part in the conduction of the frequencies, I promised him I would come back the next day since he would be better hydrated. He had minimal pain upon arrival, which could be dropped to 0/10 before leaving. I know he was feeling good because he was talking about food and itching to eat some dinner. Ross has consistently stated, “When he has a flair-up, food is the last thing on his mind.” Therefore, I knew this young man was back in action and pain-free.

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